What Are The Best Quality Caravans In Australia? 5 Top Brands

Thinking of finally packing it all in and taking that long-awaited trip around Australia? You’ll need a top-quality caravan, and thankfully, there are plenty of Aussie companies who produce exceptional mobile homes.

We’ve compiled a list of the best quality caravans in Australia, focusing on the manufacturers rather than individual models, because they all produce excellent vehicles.

What are the best quality caravans in Australia?

Here’s our list of the best quality caravans in Australia, starting with our favourite: JB Caravans.

JB Caravans

JB Caravans Off-road Scorpion

Off-road Scorpion Sting from JB Caravans

JB Caravans prides itself on the quality of their mobile homes, ensuring that only the best quality materials are used in their construction. This includes thick tube Australian steel, rigid stucco aluminium exteriors, and Raptor coating to provide extra protection against the sun.

They provide a broad range of caravans, including family models perfect for the park, off-road models for true adventurers, and semi-off road models for the best of both worlds.

Their caravans are beautifully furnished, well-planned, with all of the amenities you’d expect from a high-quality home: air conditioning, ceramic toilet, washing machine, 3-way fridge, and a mixed gas/electric oven. You won’t need much else on your travels.

Empire Caravans

Empire Caravans - Solitaire

The Solitaire from Empire Caravans

Empire has been in the game for three decades and produces an excellent range of four caravans with varying chassis sizes. There’s the smaller Emperor caravan that is filled with everything you need for comfortable travelling—a queen bed, fridge, washing machine, air conditioning, and a cosy l-shaped lounge. At the other end of the scale is The Solitaire, a sizable and luxurious model that includes everything already listed and more, including Caffe seating, skylights, and a large fridge.

All of Empire’s caravans are custom built by master craftsmen, so you get guaranteed quality.

KEDRON Caravans

Kedron Caravans Topender

TE7 Topender from KEDRON Caravans

KEDRON Caravans build beautifully luxurious mobile homes that are the essence of decadence. They are a family-based business located in the Brisbane suburb of Kedron and have been building top quality caravans for over 60 years.

The company offers a range of six caravans, from the smaller CP’5 to the colossal 26ft TE’7 “Topender,” which is the epitome of luxury. It includes features like instant hot or chilled water, a wine cooler, and heated leather seating. All of their models are also equipped with solar panels.

Their models use hot-dipped galvanized chassis’ to protect against corrosion, and the interlocked aluminium frame uses high tensile steel punch-pins to create a robust and secure home. If you can afford a KEDRON caravan, you should buy one.


Coromal Thrill Seeker

Thrill Seeker from Coromal

Coromal are a famous Aussie caravan manufacturer who have gained their fame from producing first-rate mobile homes. They’ve been designing and producing caravans since 1977 and were recently purchased by leisure giant Apollo Tourism, who has invigorated the brand by launching a premium range of new caravans. These include the Soul Seeker and Adventure Seeker, both designed for on-road touring, and the Thrill Seeker, which is designed for semi off-road escapades. All of their caravans come in multiple sizes too, so you can pick a size that suits your needs and budget.

All three models are built with high-quality materials, clever layouts, and are packed with features to make your trip as comfortable and fun as possible. There’s slide-out pantries, range hoods, washing machines, microwaves, a water filter tap, and much more.