The Top Spots For Camping Near Bundaberg

Bundaberg is a special part of Queensland, with the bush and beach on its doorstep. So it’s only right that we all try and get out there to experience it every once in a while! With the trailer packed, and the camping gear waiting patiently in the shed, there’s only one thing left to do: find a campsite!

But is there camping near Bundaberg that has that remote camping feel? Of course! In fact, there’s an abundance. So, while you’re packing up the tinny or the camper trailer, have a read through our favourite spots for camping near Bundaberg.

Camping near Bundaberg at Lake Monduran: One of our favourite spots to take the tinny for a fish

Lake Monduran is an absolute staple when it comes to camping near Bundaberg. We reckon everyone in Bundaberg probably has a story or two about their time up there. When it comes to camping, Monduran has one thing that really sets it apart from the others: massive barra! So it’s definitely somewhere worth taking the tinny. With the right boat loader or trailer, launching your boat will be a breeze too. Most of the banks are grassy and the incline is pretty workable. Better still – you can get up there this weekend!

Got a camper trailer? Camping near Bundaberg at Eurimbula Creek makes for a great week away!

If you prefer taking the camper trailer out for a spin, then Eurimbula Creek has what you’re looking for. The creek itself is a beautiful coastal estuary and the campsites are tucked away snugly behind the dunes, in the beautiful coastal vegetation. You’ll need to pay National Park fees, but they are relatively inexpensive – and for the view, it’s more than worthwhile! There’s even a natural boat ramp at the creek for those who can’t resist wetting a line. But it can be a bit of a rough launch, so we recommend getting a good trailer first.

The bush has never been closer: simply go camping near Bundaberg at the Iron Ridge Campground

If caravanning is your preferred weekend activity, then why not look for a taste of the bush in Iron Ridge? Iron Ridge is a well-serviced caravan park with great facilities and some of the best camping near Bundaberg. The sites are all drive through and they suit any type of caravan. It’s also a great place to take the kids, with a comprehensive amenities block, which includes disabled toilets and hot showers.

Deepwater National Park offers great camping near Bundaberg, with four-wheel-drive options too!

If you don’t mind locking the hubs to put that extra bit of distance between you and the blacktop, then we recommend getting down to Deepwater National Park. It is a great place for camping near Bundaberg, and its four-wheel-drive options thin out the crowds a little bit. It’s also pretty close to 1770, so you’re not too far from the creature comforts of town. The campsites are well established, and there’s plenty of wildlife to see. There’s also Deepwater Creek – a pristine freshwater coastal creek, and one of the last of its kind.

Looking to leave the trailer behind? Try Mount Walsh National Park

If you want to thin out the crowds even more, then why not head to Mount Walsh and abandon your car altogether. That’s right – Mount Walsh has great camping near Bundaberg, but you can only get to the spots by hiking! It’s a great way to challenge yourself, and see some of the most spectacular scenery the Bundaberg region has to offer. You will need to have a chat with the local rangers though and give your itinerary to a trusted relative. You will also need to be completely self-sufficient, so it’s probably better for experienced campers and hikers. As with any bushwalk, it pays to be safe.

For more great camping tips, and some even better trailers to follow you there, get in touch!