The Best Fishing Spots in Wollongong

Affectionately known as the ‘Gong’, Wollongong is located around 90 minutes south of Sydney. Framed by the Pacific Ocean to the east and a lush escarpment to the west, the region is blessed with coastal cycling tracks and stretches of golden-sanded beaches. It also offers amazing views from the headlands, Wollongong Harbour’s Breakwater lighthouse and the spectacular 665-metre-long Sea Cliff Bridge.

But if a fishing trip is your must-have for a mate break or a family holiday for teaching kids a love of fishing, rig your rods, check your boat safety equipment, jump in the car and head south. But before you do, check out our guide to the best fishing spots in Wollongong.


Fishing Spots - Towradgi

Located only 5 kilometres (around eight minutes) from Wollongong, Towradgi is not only a popular beach for surfers and those seeking other water sports, but also what the locals deem as one of the good fishing spots in Wollongong. Fish commonly caught here include bream, whiting and tailor.

Location: Towradgi, Wollongong, NSW

Hill 60 Lookout

Fishing Spots - Hill 60













Fifteen minutes from the “Gong”, you’ll find Hill 60, one of the fishing spots in the Wollongong area that is popular with locals for its spectacular coastline views. It’s also a top spot for waters thriving with finned creatures and offers the opportunity to catch a good-sized salmon or bonnie.

Location: Port Kembla Lookout, Port Kembla, NSW

Perkins Beach

Only 15 minutes south of Wollongong, Perkins Beach is a great location for swimming and a choice spot to cast a line. Due to an artificial reef implemented in 2019, it is known as an abundant fishing hotspot, with species including bream, salmon, flathead, tailor and jewfish all on offer.

Location: Towradgi, Wollongong, NSW

Bellambi Point

Fishing Spots - Bellambi Beach












Bellambi Point is another excellent land-based fishing spot in the area and only around 15 minutes from Wollongong. From fishing at the beach to the boat ramp, there are plenty of awesome spots to cast a line. On the southern end, head to the rocks to find tailor, bream and trevally. To the front of Bellambi Point you can also find salmon, drummer, luderick and kingfish.

Location: Bellambi Point, Wollongong, NSW

Windang Beach

Fishing Spots - Windang Beach












Wollongong’s southernmost beach is the entrance to Lake Illawarra and is ideal for those who love surf fishing. The three S’s — sand, surf and salmon summarise this spot — and it’s only around 18 minutes away from Wollongong. For your best chance at catching some tailor, head out during high tide and use pilchard as bait. Good-sized jewfish have also been caught on this very beach.

Location: Windang Beach, Wollongong, NSW

Headland Avenue

Around 20 minutes from Wollongong, this spot has been known to produce some good-sided tailor, along with various other species that will guarantee your seafood dinner is divine. As always, when rock fishing, pick your spots carefully and fish with a partner for safety (and some great adventures).

Location: Headland Avenue, Austinmer, NSW.


Fishing Spots - Austinmer Beach













Just over 20 minutes from Wollongong, Austinmer is a popular beach but is often overlooked for fishing. Good catches can be caught in the early morning or evening when the beach is less crowded. Fish commonly caught include bream, trevally, luderick, drummer and salmon.

Location: Austinmer, NSW.

Lake Illawarra

Fishing Spots - Lake Illawarra Beach












A stunning place to cast a line, this is one of the best fishing spots in Wollongong. There are heaps of fishing platforms along this nearly 40km2 lake. Although it’s no deeper than around 3.7 metres, there are still plenty of fish here from bream and whiting to flounder and flathead. In the Lake Illawarra channel, whiting and bream are your best bet during the summer months and luderick in the winter months.

Boating opportunities also abound as the region nestles between the escarpment and the sea. Its nine-by-five-kilometre-wide waterway hosts sailing, water sports and fishing over its 33m2 kilometres with easy access to 13 ramps. Off-shore ramps include those at Shellharbour Marina (around 30 minutes from Wollongong). Popular fishing spots in this area include the artificial reef south of Five Islands (around 17 minutes from Wollongong) and Bass Point (around 30 minutes from Wollongong), which are renowned for their excellent snapper fishing. The lovely Minnamurra River is also around 30 minutes from Wollongong and has small boat access and decent estuary fishing.

Location: Lake Illawarra, Wollongong, NSW

Fishing guides by species

There are many factors involved in terms of the type of fish species you are looking to catch, the best times to catch them (and where) and what type of bait will give you the best result. Here’s some basic tips for Wollongong, although things can change from season to season and year to year, so keep up with your local guides!

Fishing requirements in NSW

An important part of angling in NSW is following the region’s local guidelines for fishing requirements. The NSW government lists fishing rules to encourage “healthy and sustainable fisheries for future generations”. Besides checking local guidelines and restrictions, when fishing you should:

  • Throw away all rubbish, including bait bags and fishing lines.
  • Practice catch and release and only keep what you need.
  • Abide by all regulations regarding bag limits.

For the best (current) fishing times in Wollongong: Tides Chart