The 8 Best Fishing Boats For 2021 | Find The Right Boat

If you’ve been on the lookout for a new fishing boat, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There are so many types and choices, each with their own features, accessories, and prices, that making a decision is harder than it should be.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the bestas fishing boats for 2021, with a list of the most important specs and features, images and videos of each, and pricing so you know whether the boat is in your budget.

Here’s our full list, ordered by lowest to highest price.

1. 2021 Quintrex 430 Fishabout

Fishing Boat Quintrex

Image from Quintrex


  • Cost new: $28,990
  • Length: 4.57m
  • Hull: V-Hull
  • Beam: 2.14m
  • Engine: Mercury four-stroke outboard
  • Power: 60hp
  • Max speed: 56km/h
  • Fuel capacity: 95l
  • Max people: 5
  • Features:
    • Rod holders
    • 2x transducer bracketsAnchorwell
    • Burley bucket
    • Marine radio
    • Rails
    • Ski pole
    • Rear ladder
  • Full list of features

This neat little Australian favourite has been upgraded for 2021, designed for maximum fishing space so that you can spend your days in angling bliss. It has a large open deck area with room for five people, two rod holders, and drink holders to keep your beer safe.

If you’re had enough of fishing, you can partake in a little casual cruising, hook up your waterski rope, or strap on your scuba gear for a dive. This versatile boat has everything you need for a good time on the water.

2. 2020 Stacer 509 Sea Runner

Fishing Boat Sea Runner

Image from Boatsales


  • Cost new: $37,900
  • Length: 5.31m
  • Beam: 2.22m
  • Engine: Mercury outboard motor
  • Power: 90hp
  • Max speed: 45km/h
  • Fuel capacity: 77l
  • Rods: 2
  • Max people: 7
  • Features:
    • Anchorwell
    • Rear ladder
    • 2x side pockets
    • Folding rear lounge
    • Cabin bunk storage
    • Cabin hatch
    • Transom door

The 2021 Stacer 509 Sea Runner has been through a major redesign, with a brand new cabin shape, extra cockpit space, and improved vision for driving. It’s a good-sized boat with room for up to seven people, including two rod holders, and plenty of seats (including a folding rear lounge). For fishing, you can remove the rear lounge to give yourself a little more room, and also make use of its dual platforms.

This cuddy cabin fishing boat can also accommodate water sports and other recreational activities, with its dual platforms, rear walkthrough doorway, and fold-down ladder.

3. 2021 Makocraft 531 Canyon Console

Fishing Boat Makocraft

Image from Boatsales

  • Cost new: $44,980
  • Length: 5.4m
  • Beam: 2.4m
  • Engine: 2x Tohatsu 60hp four-stroke
  • Power: 115hp
  • Max speed: 54km/h
  • Fuel capacity: 150l
  • Rods: 4
  • Max people: 5
  • Features:
    • 2x transducer brackets
    • Hydraulic steering
    • Underfloor fuel tank
    • Bilge pump
  • Full list of features

This reliable little boat has two engines—a rarity for a vehicle this size—which provide a total of 115hp, making it a zippy little beast. The price is also great for the size of the vehicle, although the base price is lacking a little in features and accessories. You’ll need to add a few bits to bring this boat up to the fishing standard.

4. 2021 Quintrex 481 Hornet

Fishing Boat Quintrex Hornet

Image from Boatsales


  • Cost new: $55,000
  • Length: 5.1m
  • Beam: 2.3m
  • Engine: Mercury four-stroke outboard
  • Power: 115hp
  • Max speed: 76km/h
  • Fuel capacity: 80l
  • Rods: 2
  • Max people: 5
  • Features:
    • Casting platform front and rear
    • Live bait tank
    • Rear ladder
    • Drink holders
    • 2x transducer brackets
    • Anchorwell
  • Full list of features

Fishing boat legends Quintrex have created another fine vehicle that you’ll spend countless hours on. The Horney Range is renowned for its fishing capabilities, and this new model is no exception, with an improved deck layout, larger fishing decks, and even more storage space. The boat has a traditional V-shaped layout with a pointed nose and square bow, which gives plenty of space for fishing. This is one of the best Australian fishing boats you’ll find.

5. Bar Crusher 615BR

Fishing Boat Bar Crusher


  • Cost new: $72,000
  • Length: 6.15m
  • Beam: 2.25m
  • Deadrise: 19deg
  • Engine: Suzuki four-stroke outboard engine
  • Power: 150hp
  • Max speed: 66km/h
  • Fuel capacity: 140L
  • Max people: 6
  • Features:
    • Dual console
    • Casting platform
    • Tackle storage
    • Deck grip
    • Livebait tank
    • Baitboard
    • Step-through transom
    • Rigideck
    • Waveslicer
  • Full list of features

BarCrusher advertises this as the “ultimate crossover boat,” because it’s good for fishing, sports, and has plenty of room for the family. This is the manufacturer’s first general purpose model, and it’s a corker. With a large, roomy bow, a spacious casting platform, and seats that fold into a transom wall, this is a superb vehicle for fishing. And in the afternoon, you can hook up the wakeboards or skis, and have fun with your kids.

6. 2021 Yellowfin 5800 Centre Console

Fishing Boat Yellowfin

Image from Yellowfin

  • Cost new: $73,000
  • Length: 5.84m
  • Beam: 2.38m
  • Engine: Yamaha outboard motor
  • Power: 130hp
  • Max speed: 60km/h
  • Fuel capacity: 190l
  • Rods: 6
  • Max people: 5
  • Features:
    • Transom door
    • Live bait tank
    • Hydraulic steering
    • Self drain floor
    • Centre console
    • X-bollard
    • Drink holder cups
    • Maxi tracks
    • Bow sprit
    • Anchorwell
  • Full list of features

With their 2021 5800 model, this iconic brand has made another excellent fishing boat. It has space for up to six rods (unusual for a boat this size), as well as the usual fishing necessities, including a live bait tank.

It has an exceptionally strong frame that can handle the most challenging of waves and gets up to speeds of 60km/h.

7. 2021 Haines Signature 640SF Side Console

Fishing Boat Haines

Image from Haines


  • Cost new: $100,000
  • Length: 6.62m
  • Beam: 2.43m
  • Deadrise: 33deg
  • Engine: Suzuki in-line four-cylinder four-stroke
  • Power: 225hp
  • Max speed: 75km/h
  • Fuel capacity: 300l
  • Rods: 9
  • Max people: 8
  • Features:
    • Live bait tank
    • 6x rod storage
    • Auto bilge pump
    • 2x USB sockets
  • Full list of features

This powerful and sizable fishing boat can handle up to eight people and nine rods, and is a great choice for groups. Haines is recognised as “best in class” for its boats, and for good reason—it has a top-quality centre console with a high windshield and power steering, comfortable seats, and plenty of fishing features to make your trips enjoyable.

8. 2021 Bayliner Trophy T22CX

Fishing Boat Bayliner

Image from Bayliner


  • Cost new: $117,790
  • Length: 6.88m
  • Beam: 2.59m
  • Deadrise: 18deg
  • Engine: Mercury Pro XS V8 four-stroke outboard
  • Power: 300hp
  • Max speed: 81km/h
  • Fuel capacity: 246l
  • Max people: 8
  • Features:
    • Self-bailing cockpit
    • Gunwale rod storage
    • Storage lockers
    • Stereo
    • Clamp-on rod holders
    • Cupholders
  • Full list of features

The new Bayliner model of the T22CX is another great general-purpose boat that can accommodate fishing and watersports. It’s one of the longest boats on our list and can hold up to eight people. It’s also superfast, reaching a maximum speed of 81km/h, with a 246l fuel tank to accommodate.

There’s plenty of storage space, as well as comfortable seating, a cocktail table, and more. A superb boat, but an expensive one.