Outboard Trolley

From Almac Trailers

Effortless Outboard Motor Handling

Any seasoned boatie who must regularly separate their outboard from their boat understands the importance of a solution that eliminates having to struggle with a heavy motor.

You will love the ease of mobility that comes with an Almac Outboard Trolley. Our trolleys boast a range of key features and customisation options to simplify the process of getting your motor in and out of your vehicle, and to and from your boat.

Say goodbye to heavy lifting and wrestling with your outboard. Join a group of satisfied customers who are enjoying their boating experience more thanks to hassle-free transportation and manoeuvrability.

Why Choose an Almac Outboard Trolley?

  • Equipped with pneumatic wheels, navigating various terrains becomes easy.
  • Crafted from lightweight aluminium frames, our trolleys weigh less than 10kg, making them easy to handle and transport without sacrificing durability.
  • Custom mounting options for your vehicle allow for seamless integration, ensuring secure and convenient storage when not in use.
  • Whether you own a long or short shaft motor, we offer versatile versions suitable for both.
If you need to transport your boat and outboard separately, an Almac Outboard Trolley is the safe and convenient way to handle a heavy motor.