Outboard Slides

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The Easy Way to Load, Unload & Secure Your Outboard Motor

Imagine you’re ready to hit the road, and the water, with a set up that includes a rooftop boat carrier and a caravan. There’s just one more thing – what to do with your outboard motor, which is too valuable to be stored just anywhere, and too heavy and awkward to move without some assistance.

Outboard motor slides are designed to remove the hassle of straining and trying to drag your motor out of your ute or trailer. Outboard slides provide a smooth streamlined action that makes it easy to load and unload your motor. You motor also locks into place, so it is safe and secure while you are driving.

Almac’s Outboard Motor Slides are available in two designs:

– Canopy slides are fitted into the tray of your canopy and are positioned to ensure that your outboard takes up minimal space leaving plenty of room for the rest of your gear.

– A-frame slides are designed to be fitted to a caravan making efficient use of storage and transport space that would otherwise be unused.

Why Choose an Almac Outboard Motor Slide?

  • Engineered to fit a wide range of motor sizes and models
  • Suitable for both long and short shaft motors
  • Made form high tensile marine-grade aluminium with stainless steel fittings
Complete your boating and camping set up with a vital piece of equipment that will save you space and make an otherwise awkward task super easy.

Gallery of Outboard Slides