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What Size Boat Trailer Do I Need

What Size Boat Trailer Do I Need?

Often, we are asked the same question: what size boat trailer do I need? It’s a valid question, too. There are so many trailer sizes and configurations on offer. Picking the perfect size to match your boat requires some careful thought and consideration. It also requires some expert help. Matching the perfect trailer size to your boat is a matter of precision.

If you choose a trailer that is too small, it may be overloaded. If you choose a trailer size that is too big for your boat, your boat may not be stable. That might leave you wondering where to start in your search for the right size boat trailer. Our advice: start by looking at your boat!

What size boat trailer do you need for a tinny?

If you’ve got a relatively small tinny, picking a trailer size will probably be easy. Tinnies are quite light, and they’re also easier to secure than larger boats. That means your margin for error is a little higher. In terms of a starting point, we recommend looking at alloy trailers. Alloy trailers come in a range of sizes that are well suited to tinnies. The trailers are lightweight, and corrosion resistant too. In terms of size, your options vary.

Narrow your search by measure your tinny’s length, and beam. Remember, your boat should not hang past the trailer wheels on either side. It also shouldn’t have too great an overhang at the back. Generally, there should be enough rear overhand to clear the outboard, but no more.

What size boat trailer do you need for an offshore fishing boat?

Matching a larger offshore fishing boat with the right size trailer requires a little more precision. There’s more weight at play, and the forces upon your trailer and car will be higher. Foremost, we suggest ensuring that your boat is able to maintain contact between all central trailer rollers, and the centre of the hull. Rear support rollers should also be bearing weight when the boat is fully trailered.

That will ensure that the load is evenly distributed. Minimising rear overhang is also essential. Too much, and the boat’s weight will pull up on your car’s tow hitch, making driving dangerous. Too little, and your outboard will make contact with the trailer, and likely cause damage.

When do you need a large size boat trailer with tandem axles? Here are some tips to work it out

If your boat is particularly large, you may want to consider a tandem axle trailer. Tandem axle trailers are usually used for boats of 5.5m in length, and over. But how can you tell when you really need one? To answer that question, it’s useful to know what purpose tandem axles serve. Essentially, they are designed to reduce the down weight on your tow hitch.

By doing so, tandem axles are able to reduce the strain on your tow vehicle. The tandem axle configuration of the trailer places more weight over the axles, and less over the hitch. It also stabilises that weight and prevents the rear of the boat from applying upward forces on your tow hitch, in a levering fashion.

What are the advantages of small size boat trailers?

Of course, tandem trailers are much less common than single axle trailers. That’s simply because smaller boats are more common. That means small size boat trailers are also more common. They come with a few advantages, as well. For example, custom tinny trailers allow you to tow your boat into tricky and inaccessible areas. That opens up a lot of potential fishing ground that larger boats, with larger trailers, simply couldn’t cover. They’re also lighter, which means you use less fuel when towing. That’s more fishing adventures per tank!

To get the perfect size boat trailer, we recommend getting in touch with the experts. They have the equipment and experience to match your boat with the perfect size trailer, down to the nearest centimetre!

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