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Top 5 Cool Tinny Fit Out Ideas

Tinnies are great for so many reasons. They are tough, affordable, hard wearing, and easy to transport. They also fit into the skinniest waters and take us to just about every species of fish in Queensland. And that’s straight out of the factory! So imagine the benefits of a full tinny fit out for your average fisherman—there are too many to count. Luckily, another great advantage of tinnies is the ease with which you can fit them out. So take a look at some of these cool tinny fit out ideas and see if any of them will bring you some extra luck on the water!

Casting decks front and rear: one of the most popular tinny fit out ideas – here’s why

Casting decks mean different things to different types of anglers. To the hardcore lure fishers, a casting deck gives you 360o of unobstructed casting opportunities. To the bait fishers and prawn collectors, a casting deck is the best spot to throw a net. And to all anglers, a casting deck is a worthwhile addition to any tinny! Not only do they drastically improve your access to space, they also offer underfloor storage options. So you can get waterproof storing for your tackle and camera next time you hit the water.

Live bait tanks are great tinny fit out ideas for the avid estuary fishermen!

If you fall into the live bait angling category, a live bait tank is a must. Sure, buckets can work fine. But if you’re in for a day, or night, on the water, your livies won’t last long in a bucket alone—unless you change the water frequently. And when the bite is hot, changing the bait bucket is probably the last thing on your mind. With a live bait tank, you can throw the livies in there as soon as you get them, and they’ll swim happily for as long as you’re on the water. With a constant flow of oxygenated water, they will keep up with you no worries.

Prefer hitting the dams for some flicking? Fit out an electric motor on your tinny—it’s a great idea!

If flicking for a fat barra or yellowbelly is more your speed, then an electric motor is a must. Sure, it is one of the more expensive additions to any tinny fit out, but they pay dividends for the dedicated lure fishermen. In a quite freshwater creek or dam, the rumbling of a petrol outboard is almost always enough to put at least a few fish off the bite. With the silent glide of an electric, that simply isn’t an issue!

We’ve all heard of side-scanners: here’s why they are one of the best ideas for your tinny fit out

Side scanners are essentially the latest in depth sounding technology. As their name suggests, they give you a clear view not just vertically, but horizontally as well. The value of this is hard to comprehend until you’ve seen them in action. Basically, these futuristic devices allow you to determine precisely where the fish is, and sometimes even whether it’s feeding or not. They basically allow you to put your lure on a fish’s nose with alarming precision.

Underfloor fuel tanks are great ideas for any tinny fit out: they improve convenience and ride!

Finally, the underfloor fuel tank: it’s a popular addition in tinny fit outs, especially for the blue water tinny fishers. Underfloor tanks allow you to save on space, and improve your fuel carrying capacity, sometimes by more than 100%. And a surprising benefit is improvements to your ride. Tinnies are known to bounce a bit in the chop, so sometimes a little extra weight down in the hull can help stabilise your boat for a more comfortable ride. They also go well with a new trailer; the extra weight can also improve the ride on road. Definitely worth a look!

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