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Tips From The Locals – The Best Spots To Hit In Bundaberg!

If you’re getting into the Bundaberg fishing scene, then hold onto your hat! We are lucky enough to have some of the most diverse fishing Queensland has to offer. But with so many fishing and boating spots on offer around Bundaberg, where do you start? That’s where our list of Bundaberg fishing and boating spots comes into its own. The best part is that these spots are just five among thousands – including plenty that we haven’t even found yet! The only way to see them all is to get out there and have a go yourself.\

Burnett Heads – it’s one of the best fishing and boating spots in Bundaberg, especially in winter

Burnett Heads is pretty much due east from the town centre, which makes it one of the most convenient fishing and boat spots Bundaberg has to offer. And when we say fishing and boating, we mean it. You could spend an arm aching day of fishing there, or you could settle in for a gentle cruise with some beautiful coastal views. If you choose the former, we suggest trolling or drift fishing during the winter. This is a great way to snag some passing pelagics. Another great approach is soft-plastic or bait fishing over the rock beds. This often yields sweetlip, snapper, and other species that look very good on the dinner plate.

Two Mile Reef off Mon Repos is a great bluewater boating and fishing spot near Bundaberg

Mackerel, reefies, dolphins and even whales: they’re just some of the things you could see on a good day out at Two Mile Reef. This is surely one of the favourite offshore fishing and boating spots among Bundaberg locals. But you will need a favourable day to get out there – it’s pretty exposed to chop and swell. If you find yourself at Two Mile Reef and fishing is on the agenda, you can choose from drift fishing, trolling, and bottom-bashing. Simply look for some promising structure and give it a go.

Baffle Creek is a great fishing and boating spot in the Bundaberg area, but you’ll need a small boat!

If the estuaries are more your speed, Baffle Creek is great for an adventure. It has a healthy population of mud crabs, mangrove jacks, and even the occasional barra. But, whether your fishing or boating here, you will need a small boat. The whole system is influenced heavily by the tides, and it’s easy to come unstuck on some of the shallow sandbars and snags. In Baffle Creek, we recommend taking it easy. And, if you choose to head way upstream, we recommend a car-topper tinny and a good boat loader. This will allow you to launch closer to your destination.

Wuruma Dam is a great spot for boating and fishing alike and it’s nestled quietly west of Bundaberg

If you want to mix the best fishing and boating spot Bundaberg has to offer with a quiet weekend getaway, Wuruma Dam is perfect for you. It’s a short hike west from Bundaberg, but the drive is scenic and the destination breathtaking. At Wuruma, you can waterski, fish, or just cruise and take it easy. If you’re bringing a boat, we recommend going with a sturdy and manoeuvrable trailer. Or, if you have a cartopper, simply take the easy option and go with a boat loader. We wouldn’t recommend taking a large boat here, as the dam’s only ramp is often high and dry due to the low water levels.

A steady barra population makes the Kolan a great boating and fishing spot right in Bundaberg

Bundaberg has no shortage of boating and fishing spots, as you can tell. But if it’s serious fishing your after, the Kolan River is a great palce to start. It’s a big system, and it’s easier to navigate than Baffle Creek. And, most excitingly, its deep holes harbour some of Bundaberg’s biggest and hungriest barra. So if you put in the effort here, the rewards can be breathtaking. Of course, it’s not all about the barra – there are plenty of other species to enjoy as well. And if you’re after a quiet cruise in one of Bundaberg’s best boating spots, the Kolan is a very easy option.

To get your boat to and from the best fishing and boating spots Bundaberg has to offer, contact us!

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