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Prepare your Boat

How to Prepare your Boat for a Day on the Water

There’s nothing better than a day on the water. But before you launch your boat at the local ramp, you need to be prepared. If you’ve not had a lot of experience boating, then there are a few tips that could help you prepare your boat. That’s why we’ve put together a quick overview of some steps you need to take to get your boat prepared for a good day on the water.

Make sure your boat trailer is prepared, as well as your boat

Preparing your boat means making sure it’s able to get you onto the water and back without a hassle. And if your trailer is not in tip top condition, then your boat won’t be going far! That’s why our first tip is to make sure that your boat trailer is prepared. How do you do that, though?

First, make sure it’s good quality. A good quality trailer will last longer, and be safer to use. Then, it’s a matter of checking for basic signs of deterioration. If you see any rust settling in, you may be in for a new trailer! Check the electrics, too; they are often among the first trailer components to corrode. Finally, check your wheel bearings!

Wheel bearings don’t last forever, and they do need to be changed. If you haven’t had yours changed or checked in a while, we recommend doing so before every trip. Luckily, it’s an easy process. Simply use a jack to lift each wheel no more than 1cm off the ground. You only want to take the weight off the wheel. Make sure the trailer is then secured with jack stands for safely. Once elevated, give the wheel a firm shake forwards, backwards, and side to side. If there’s any lateral movement, you may need new bearings.

Heading for a day on the water in an inaccessible area? Prepare your boat with a boat loader

Some of the best fishing spots are off the beaten track. That means getting a boat there is tricky. Unless you’ve got a boat loader, that is! Boat loaders are the best way to be prepared for fishing rugged waterways. It allows you to get your boat safely on and off the roof of your car, so you can drive the roughest tracks without pulling a trailer behind you.

Make sure the bungs are in! That’s the most important way to prepare your boat

Bung are the simplest, but most essential part of your boat. Without them, your boat may become just another mark on the sounder! Before you leave home, make sure your bungs are fastened exactly where they should be. When you get to the boat ramp, check again! Bungs can be the undoing of the most seasoned boaties, so make sure a thorough check is high on your boat preparation checklist.

Check your boat’s fuel tank while you’re preparing for a day on the water

Fuel is another simple component that can cause trouble for even experienced skippers. To get your boat fully prepared for a day on the water, we suggest charting your proposed travels. How far will you go, and how much fuel will you need to get there? Once you’ve worked that out, throw in an extra ten litres, just to be safe!

Finally, make sure your boat is prepared for safety: check your safety gear twice!

Speaking of being safe, let’s talk safety gear. Safety gear is a legal requirement in most boating situations, but you should really have basic safety gear in your boat at all times. So when you’re preparing your boat, take some time to do a safety check. Check your safety gear, your boat, and your trailer, to be sure you can get on and off the water safely!

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