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Boating Activities to Try During COVID-19

The COVID-19 lockdown has seen us all take a reluctant, but necessary break from our beloved boating activities. Needless to say, fishing withdrawals are widespread! So, as restrictions slowly start to lift, it’s time to dream again: what boating activities will come first?

While we wait for a full return to normal, let’s have a quick look at some of the boating activities you can try while COVID restrictions remain in place.

COVID restrictions have meant a break from boating – the best activity is to get back out there!

The rules and regulations differ from state to state, but it’s now acceptable to go fishing and boating (provided you adhere to social distancing rules!). So, in our view, the best boating activity you can do is to simply get back out there. Load up the boat, get your kids on board, and pick a spot within 50km of your home. Hopefully, your time in isolation has given you a chance to keep an eye on the conditions and choose a few likely spots. Remember, the winter species are starting to liven up!

If you’re still in isolation, trailer maintenance is a great boating activity to keep your mind on the water

Of course, not all of us can get out there just because the restrictions are easing. Some of us will need to remain in isolation for a whole range of reasons. If you fall into this category, don’t despair! There are plenty of ways to keep your mind on the water, even if the rest of your is homebound for a while.

We would recommend starting with some boat and trailer maintenance. Perhaps you’ve been meaning to change the bearings for a while, or look over the electrics in your trailer. Well, now’s as a good a time as any. It’s also a great time to get to know your boat and trailer, and even try some new forms of maintenance that you’ve not attempted before. After all, the internet is full of answers!

Get creative – use your break from boating activities to plan your next big boating trip!

Another way to occupy yourself during the time of COVID restrictions is planning. Maybe you’ve never quite had the time to plan your next big fishing trip up north. Or maybe you’ve been trying to get a handle on the fishing conditions in your local area. Either way, now is the time to do your research, and get a plan together. It will give you something to look forward to when things eventually return to normal.

Now that you can return to boating activities, try some fishing spots closer to home – here’s why

Of course, if you are planning on fishing this weekend, you’ll need to adhere to the current restrictions. They include social distancing measures. But, just as importantly, they include distance restrictions. If you want to travel to a fishing spot that’s a little further afield, you’ll need to be sure that it’s no further than 50km from your home. That means your local creeks, estuaries, lakes, and rivers will be the places to go. And with cooler temperatures coming in, there’s plenty to catch nearby.

Finally, keep local businesses moving and get your boat trailer prepared for your next boating activity

Our last tip is to keep the local economy moving as best you can. Engaging local services is a great way to keep your community moving forward in a time of much uncertainty. So if your trailer needs a revamp, or if you need a new one altogether, chat to the experts!

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