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Caravanning Tips For Grey Nomads

5 Caravanning Tips For Grey Nomads

Now that you have some time on your hands, it’s time for you to make your holidays count. And what better place to do so than on the road? There’s a reason grey nomads dominate the caravan parks, and that is simply because a caravan trip is a trip of a lifetime. Caravanning gives you more freedom than you could possibly find on any other holiday. Plus its cost effective, so you can make it last for longer!

But caravanning is a bit of an exercise in logistics. After all, you have to move a few tonnes of vehicle around the country, and that takes some planning. Don’t worry though – we have some expertise in that department. So read on and get inspired by our list of five caravanning tips for grey nomads.

#1 Make a checklist of where you want to go and what you want to see

When you’re on the road, there is always a new sight to see. Whether it’s a famous landmark or an interesting geographical feature, there’s never a shortage of things to entertain you. But you’re going to have to prioritise. Australia is massive, and seeing everything isn’t always going to be possible. That’s why we suggest a checklist. If you make a checklist, you can ensure that you have plenty of time to see the things that are most important to you.

#2 Make sure your caravan is up to scratch!

When you hit the road, safety is your responsibility. That means you will need to keep your caravan up to scratch. Our advice: take it into some trailer specialists for a service before you go. Generally, your service should include a check of the chassis, wheel bearings, brakes, and hitch – just to name a few. Remember, your van weighs a few tonnes, so it’s vital that you keep it in good shape. Any issues you have now will only worsen after a full day on the road.

#3 The most important of all caravanning tips for grey nomads is take it steady!

That brings us to our next caravanning tip for grey nomads: slow and steady wins the race. There are two main reasons to take it easy when you’re caravanning. The first is safety. With more than a tonne riding off the back of your car, you won’t be pulling up in a hurry. You’ll also be more susceptible to wind resistance. And wind resistance isn’t always head on – passing trucks can send a powerful gust of wind into the side of your van. If you’re going too fast, that’ll be problematic. The second reason is a little nicer – taking it easy lets you see more of the countryside. You may not be able to stop for everything, but at least you’ll get a good look!

#4 Fancy some fishing? Don’t forget to pack a folding boat trailer – the space-efficient option

Fishing and caravanning go hand in hand. So we just had to include some fishing tips among our caravanning tips for grey nomads. If you have a tinny on board your travelling rig, then we recommend getting a folding trailer. A lot of caravan sites are a fair way back from the nearest fishing spot. And getting a tinny off the roof of your car on a slippery riverbank is downright dangerous a lot of the time. That’s where a folding trailer or boat loader will help. With a folding trailer, you can unload your boat in the safety of your camp and then tow it to the fishing spot.2

#5 Finally, remember that your caravan will increase your fuel consumption – be prepared!

Last but not least, let’s talk fuel. A sizeable caravan will all but double the weight of your vehicle. Needless to say, you’ll feel it! Your fuel consumption will probably take a decent hit when you embark on your caravan voyage. So be prepared: know your service stations and pack some spare fuel in case of an emergency.

For more great caravanning tips for grey nomads, contact us today!


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