How to Choose Boat Loaders for 4wd

Boat loaders: they’re the go-anywhere solution to boating. It’s no wonder, then, that boat loaders and 4wd vehicles go hand in hand. But there are lots of different options when it comes to boat loaders. And when it comes to 4wd setups, there are more options still!

So when the time comes to choose your boat loader, how can you be sure you’re getting the best possible set up? Well, if you follow this approach, you can ensure that your boat loader is perfectly matched to you, your boat, and your 4wd!

What makes boat loaders such a perfect solution for 4wd vehicles? They will get your boat anywhere!

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of choosing boat loaders for your 4wd, let’s look at why you should choose a boat loader. Boat loaders are a low profile boat storage solution that combine safety and practicality. Essentially, they allow you to utilise the abundant space on the top of your vehicle, to transport your boat.

Sure, tinnies may be light – but loading and unloading them from the top of a car is impossible without help. And what better to help you than a boat loader? Of course, in addition to safety, they offer one thing that no other boat storage system offers: freedom. With a boat loader and a tinny, you can get to waterways that would otherwise be completely inaccessible by road. That means more fish, and fewer worries!

Before you think about boat loaders for your 4wd, think about what sort of boat you’re after

When you choose a boat loader, there are two things to think about: your 4wd, and your boat. So if you’ve not yet got a boat, you’ll need to think about that first. It’s much better to match a boat loader to a tinny, that it is to match a tinny to a boat loader! So shop around, and find the perfect tinny for you. It should be lightweight, and small enough to fit on the roof of your car. Generally, something no longer than 3.5m is ideal.

When you’re choosing a boat loader, make sure it’s rated to support the weight of your boat

Now you’ve got everything lined up: you’ve picked a boat, and you’ve got a 4wd. Time to choose a boat loader! The first consideration is weight. Check your tinny’s specifications, and make sure you’re clear on how much it weighs. That is important because different boat loaders are rated to different weights.

You want to be sure that your boat loader is suitably constructed to handle the weight of your tinny, and more. That’s where professional input is vital. Chat to the experts, and let them know precisely what boat you have.

Think about safety as well: choose a boat loader that will allow you to safely unload on any terrain

With a suitable boat loader, you’re ready to go. But where are you going? If you’re just heading to the local dam, then chances are unloading will be relatively straightforward. But what if you’re going somewhere a little further off the beaten track? Like your 4wd, your boat loader should allow you to go just about anywhere.

That includes terrains that are steep, rocky, uneven, or overgrown. Of course, boat loaders won’t be able to unload safely everywhere; they still have their limits. But if you’re a hardcore adventurer, make sure you choose a boat loader that can safely unload on a variety of terrains.

Again, make sure you chat to the experts before getting yours fitted. They’ll be able to offer you the advice you need to safely unload your boat on a number of different terrains.