Folding Boat Trailers

Travelling throughout Australia is always an exciting prospect and with so many pristine river systems and creeks to explore, it is always ideal to have a tinny at the ready. But don't forget to think about boat trailers...

Caravanners and tourers alike do share the common problem of space and storage, however. A common approach is to store a tinny on the roof of your car or four-wheel drive, but you are still faced with the struggle of getting your boat to the water’s edge; this can be a challenge as even the smallest of boats are quite cumbersome.
Fortunately, there is a simple solution: folding aluminium boat trailers.

These trailers combine the space efficient transport of a rooftop boat with the manoeuvrability and easy launching of a trailer. With a folding boat trailer, you can tow your caravan or camper trailer throughout Australia without having to worry about getting a campsite close enough to the water’s edge for you to drag your boat. Simply fold your trailer down to a size that allows it to be easily stored in the back of your caravan, on your roof rack or anywhere else it can fit and it will be ready for use when you set up camp at your destination. If you've been searching online for, 'boat trailers', 'aluminium boat trailer', 'aluminium boat trailers', 'folding boat trailers' or 'folding boat trailer', then you've truly found the pefect solution. The Almac Folding Aluminium Boat Trailers, are the leading products in their class in Australia. Find out why so many people are choosing Almac Boat Trailers today.

Two Fold Trailer

Double folding aluminium boat trailer - Folds to only 1.5m in length for storage inside your vehicle, on the roof, or in the caravan itself. Because of it's versatility and space-efficient design, this an ideal solution for tourers and caravanners.

  • Weight: Less Than 40kg
  • Total Length: 4m
  • Width: 1.5m
  • Boat Capacity: Up to 3.8m

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Folding Aluminium Boat Trailers Offer Convenience

At Almac Boat Trailers, we are familiar with the many benefits of a folding boat trailer and we have developed a range of folding boat trailers that bring all touring enthusiasts the advantages of sturdy, lightweight aluminium and modern, leading-edge fabrication.

Our folding aluminium boat trailers can be used to great effect on their own, or they can be combined with our rooftop Boat Loader to provide the upmost in convenience; simply unhook your caravan, unload the boat directly onto your folding boat trailer and tow it to your destination. A folding aluminium boat trailer from Almac Boat Trailers can be deconstructed into a few basic pieces for easy storage, or stripped down further to its constituent parts if space is at a premium in your car or caravan.

We understand that one of the foremost benefits of a folding boat trailer is convenience and for this reason, we have made our boat trailers as simple as possible – without compromising on quality. You will only need some spanners and a few minutes to take your boat trailer apart or put it back together again.

Many of Australia’s most incredible creeks and rivers are tidal, which means it is more than likely that your boat trailer will be subject to a harsh marine environment. This is something we have taken into account here at Almac Boat Trailers and to address the issue of rust and corrosion, we use only the best quality, most suitable components available.

Our aluminium boat trailers are made of marine grade aluminium and our lockable coupling is pressed zinc, which ensures that your trailer and its parts will withstand the harsh saltwater environment of the Australian coast without rusting or corroding. As well as being extremely durable, marine grade aluminium is also very strong and with a weight of only 40kg, it is a far more practical alternative to many heavier steel models.

Because we make our boat trailers to be folded down, there are a number of extra fittings that are necessary and to guarantee you the upmost in durability and strength, we ensure that all these fittings are stainless steel, which serves as an additional safeguard against rust. The strength and durability that comes with such an advanced construction means that all Almac folding boat trailers are road registrable and can be towed at speeds of up to 100km/h – even on light off-road surfaces.

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If you are looking for the convenience of a boat trailer, without the hassle of deciding between your boat and your caravan, then call us. We can assist you with the decision making process and offer expert advice on all things trailer-related. Alternatively, you can email us or visit our Facebook page and we will happily address any of your queries. We value customer engagement and would love to hear about your next adventure. Hopefully, you'll be taking a new Almac folding aluminium boat trailer along for the ride!

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The best boat types for folding aluminium boat trailers

Folding boat trailers are generally designed to work with tinnies – or ‘car toppers’ – that can be transported on the roof or a car or four-wheel driver.

The advantage of this is that you can tow a caravan or camper trailer to your site, set up camp and then tow your boat as far as you need to, so you can explore spots that are further afield. For this reason, the best boats for a folding boat trailer are small aluminium ones, usually between 3.5 and 3.8 metres in length. It is possible to transport smaller tinnies on a folding aluminium boat trailer, although we advise against using folding boat trailers for boats larger than 3.8. Almac folding boat trailers are designed to give you a wide variety of options, so you can tow punts, tinnies with deeper hulls and anything in between.

Folding Boat Trailers Make it easier to launch or Retrieve your boat

The most important thing when launching or retrieving a boat is safety.

Make sure you are familiar with the waterway and any potential dangers; if you are in northern Australian then be mindful of estuarine crocodiles in parts of northern Australia and remain a safe distance from the water at all times. Before your tinny hits the water, do a quick check to ensure that you have sufficient fuel, water, safety gear and most importantly, that the bungs are securely fastened in your boat. If you have to leave your car to launch or retrieve the boat, then turn off the engine and check that your car is in gear, with the hand brake firmly on to ensure that your pride and joy does not end up in the creek. A helpful tip when reversing your boat trailer, is to use your mirrors; if you see too much of your boat in one mirror, then turn your steering wheel slightly towards that mirror to correct your line.

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Aluminium Boat Trailer FAQs

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Our boat trailers are rated to tinnies of up to 3.8m in length and 200kg in weight. All of our folding boat trailers have an ATM of 250kg.

Almac Boat Trailers are road registrable and can be towed at speeds of up to 100km/h, both on road and on light off-road surfaces.

Using only two spanners or a battery impact wrench, our aluminium boat trailers can be disassembled to whatever extent you need – in only five minutes you can deconstruct it to its bare frame. For storage on the rear of a caravan, you can usually leave the wheels, guards and axle intact, which means that you will only need to remove a few pins and nuts.

Both single fold and two-fold aluminium boat trailers form Almac Boat Trailers weigh only 40kg, which makes them very easy to manoeuvre; one person alone can easily move them around and once disassembled, one person can easily lift each piece.

Almac folding boat trailers do not have suspension, as adding suspension would make each unit weigh around 80kg and reduce their transportability and convenience as a consequence. Provided the boat trailer is used on roads in reasonable condition, suspension will not be necessary.

If your boat is 3.8m or less in length and weighs no more than 200kg, then it is suitable for one of our boat trailers, because each of our aluminium boat trailers weighs 40kg and has an ATM of 250kg.

Single fold boat trailers fit perfectly across the rear of most caravans, whilst a double fold boat trailer is ideal for A-frames, camper trailers, utes and roof racks – it depends on your personal storage requirements.

We can fabricate brackets for the storage of your aluminium boat trailer on the back of caravans, campervans and more. If you can’t visit the workshop for fitting then we encourage you to send us some photos and a few measurements so we can manufacture some brackets that can easily be sent to you and bolted on.

Once you are in possession of your new aluminium boat trailer, go to the department of transport and present them with your invoice showing the VIN number of your boat trailer for proof of ownership. They will then register your trailer and issue you with some number plates so you will be ready to go.

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