Boating Fun: 6 Fun Ideas For Boating With Kids

Boating is one of Queensland’s great family activities. With weather like ours, there’s nothing better to do with your weekend than go boating with the kids. But, kids often have different ideas – they may not be quite as into a quiet day on the water as you are. So what can you do to ramp up the fun when you’re boating with kids? Luckily, there are plenty of options, and we listed a few of our favourites.

Island hopping is a great and easy way to introduce kids to boating at sea – don’t forget swimmers!

The Wide Bay area is home to some pretty spectacular coastline. And included in that, are countless islands with beautiful beaches, and rocky reefs. These really make a great day of boating for you and your kids. Island hopping has that little bit extra to keep the kids entertained. Rather then heading offshore, travelling from island to island has a purpose and a destination that the kids can easily see. On top of that, island hopping gives you some respite from choppy conditions – so there’s less chance of an encounter with the dreaded green gills!

Boating with kids is always easiest at a dam or a lake – here’s what you can do there

If the weather’s not so good, or your just looking for an easy day out, why not hit a dam or lake? Dams and lakes have plenty on offer when it comes to boating with kids. All you need is a tube or a kneeboard, and you can give your kids a day on the water that they’ll never forget. And don’t worry, you won’t need a powerful speedboat either! Most trailer boats can pull a tube pretty convincingly, and even the smallest outboards usually handle a kneeboard without issue. So pack up the boat, hit your local impoundment, and give it a go! And of course, it’s worth packing a fishing rod too.

If you’re boating with young kids, a bit of estuary fishing is always a hit – here’s why

Another easy boating option that’s sure to be a hit with the kids is estuary fishing. Estuary fishing has everything you could want for your weekend: an easy trip, some quiet fishing, and the chance to bring home a feed. But it also has everything your kids could want: an adventure up the mangroves, plenty of fish to catch, and lots of interesting new ground to cover. It’s a win-win! Our main advice, though, is to bring a yabby pump. That way, if the bite is slow, you can task the kids with getting some great bait that they’re sure to love!

Boating and the beach go hand in hand, so when the weather’s good get the boat and the kids together!

If your kids move from one activity to the next with so much speed you can hardly keep up, this one’s for you. Boating on the beach is the perfect mix of activities – it keeps even the most lively children entertained. That’s simply because there are so many possible activities to do. You can go for a spin in the boat, head back to the beach for a swim, fire up the BBQ for lunch, and even bust out the beach cricket set. Boredom is simply impossible!

If you’re boating with older kids, why not try flicking some lures?

If your kids have a little bit of extra patience and a love for fishing, open up the lure box and see what you can find. Flicking in an estuary, out at sea, or in an impoundment are all great ways to find the fish of a lifetime. And with such high stakes, we reckon your kids will become regular boating enthuisiasts!

If you’ve got a bigger boat to go boating in, why not take the kids snorkelling offshore?

Finally, if the weather gods are smiling on you, why not try some snorkelling offshore? If you can access good snorkelling grounds in your boat, then get amongst it! Snorkelling is fascinating, no matter how old you are. And when it comes to boating with kids, snorkelling is a sure-fire hit if you can find the right spot.
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