The Smart Way to Have Your Tinny Ready to Go

Whether you’re a caravan owner embarking on a round-Australia adventure or a weekend camper seeking solace in your favourite spot, your beloved tinny is your way to get out on the water. Whether it’s dropping a fishing line or exploring pristine waterways, your tinny is your trusty companion.

If you need an easy and safe way to carry your tinny other than a trailer, an Almac Boat Loader is the solution. By perching your tinny securely atop your vehicle, you free up towing capacity for whatever else you need to haul.

Almac Boat Loaders are custom-made for your boat’s unique requirements and your vehicle’s load capacity. Forget flimsy racks and tangled ropes—these loaders offer pure strength and simplicity. Unlike other boat loaders that involve a clutter of parts, Almac Boat Loaders arrive as a complete unit. With just one rope and a 12V electric winch, you’re all set. Loading or unloading your boat becomes a breeze at the press of a button.

Many adventurers like yourself have already invested in an Almac Boat Loader—the hassle-free way to transport your tinny.

Why Choose an Almac Boat Loader?

Fuel Efficiency

Did you know that towing a caravan with a boat on top of your vehicle can improve air flow and reduce fuel consumption? It’s true! Why carry your tinny any other way?

The Almac Advantage

  • With a fully powered 12V electric winch there is no sweat, no strain. With a push of a button, your boat glides up or down.
  • With lightweight yet sturdy aluminium construction, Almac Boat Loaders are built to endure rugged trails, salty air and endless adventures.
  • Our boat loaders carry boats up to 4 metres in length and weighing up to 150kg (subject to vehicle capability)
  • Safety is our priority. Almac’s purpose-built roof rack, sturdy 2-tonne rope, and seamless loading mechanism work together to ensure not only convenience but also peace of mind.

So go ahead and get set up to explore Australia’s bush and waterways without having to compromise. Give us a call at Almac Trailers today.

Boat Loader Specifications

  • All Alloy Construction
  • 2 T Winch with Dyneema Rope
  • Polly Rollers with Stainless Steel Shafts
  • Rack Rated at 150kg, Vehicle dependent
  • Up to 4m Tinny Capacity
  • Dimensions 1,400 X2,200mm
  • Custom Built for your boat
  • Boat loader is a roof rack in itself, no other racks required
  • Powered by a 12v electric winch, handheld control
  • Full aluminium boat loader construction
  • One person operation
  • Weighs 40 - 45 kg

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