Blokes and Tinnies – a Match Made in Heaven!

There’s a special kind of love that exists only between a man and his tinny. His tinny is stocked with his favourite things. He looks after it, protects it from the elements, gives it a wash and polish. Yep, tinnies are everything a man could want in a best fishing buddy!

And it doesn’t have to be an exclusive relationship either. It’s OK for your mates to love your tinny too. In fact, is there anything better than you and your mates out on the water, a few laughs, an esky full of beer, and an esky full of fresh fish? Sounds a bit like heaven, doesn’t it? Admit it –that’s your weekend planned already!

How to love your tinny

Does your definition of happiness involve a lazy day’s fishing out in your tinny? Then it’s clearly important to your own well-being to take proper care of it. Check out our tips and tricks on tinny up-keep.

• Rising thoroughly after each trip with fresh water, and sponging the exterior with biodegradable pH-balanced marine soap. You’ll also want to clean any metal fittings and apply wax sealants to keep your tinny in top shape;

• Check all of your fishing and boating equipment – lines, poles, rod holders, and rope. Replace and repair any damages;

• Change the oil and the filter in your engine – there’s nothing more satisfying than a sleek, smooth running engine, and you’ll be glad you checked when rough weather sets in.

Your tinny is your escape, your way of winding down after a hard day at work. It’s also your pride and joy. Don’t let her down when she needs you most.

Kitting out your tinny

Why settle for plain when you can have a real stunner – if you have the means, you’ve got to customise your tinny so you can get the most out of her. She’s your pride and joy – doesn’t she deserve pretty things?

There’s no need to go for flashy paint or over the top electronics – that’ll just ruin the vibe! What you want to make your fishing experience as enjoyable and relaxing as possible is a decent floor, good storage, a few rod holders, and the essentials like comfortable seats and drink holders.

Fishing is thirsty work, so you’ll definitely appreciate those! Any electronics you use should be practical and easy to operate, like a GPS/plotter system and a sounder.

Selecting the most powerful motor is probably the most important part – and the most fun! Something quiet and powerful that provides a fast, smooth ride is what you want. What bloke doesn’t like tinkering with a powerful outboard? Your motor is not for sharing though, you are the master of your motor, and nobody touches it by you!

The best bet is to have a think about your style of fishing and adjust the layout of your tinny to fit. A popular option is having the bow section transformed into a casting deck and a storage hatch, and have some comfortable seats installed. No matter what you decide, we’ve got you covered here at Almac Trailers.

Take your tinny to see the world

If your tinny is less than 4 metres, you’ll be able to transport it on your car using roof racks and a mechanical boat loader. You’ll be able to free up so much time and manpower, as a boat loader makes unloading and re-loading your tinny a one-man job. You’ll be able to concentrate on the things that matter – taking it easy, and frying up those fish. Just try not to make it too great a time – remember, you’re supposed to have an alcohol limit of 0.05 when out on the water.

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