7 Fishing Essentials That Are Easily Overlooked

Australia has some incredible fishing spots across the country, which has made fishing one of the most popular pastimes for Aussies. But aside from the obvious need for a rod, boat, and vehicle to get you to the fishing spot, what are the other fishing essentials that people can overlook?

In this article, we’ll go through seven fishing essentials that you’ll need for your trip, and why they’re important.

1. Water

When you’re about to spend a day surrounded by water, it’s easy to forget to take some to drink. The Australian sun can be punishing, and you’ll need to make sure that you have plenty of water to drink—even more than the recommended daily amount.

If you’re planning on guzzling beers during your trip, your risk of dehydration increases even more, so don’t skimp on the amount of water that you pack.

2. Sunscreen

Queensland has seen record UV index ratings over the last few years, with averages reaching 12.5 in December of 2016, compared to 10.8 from December of 2015. Historical data from the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) reveals UV ratings to be steadily rising, which makes it even more important to slather yourself in sunscreen for your fishing trip.

Excessive UV rays will not only increase your risk of skin cancer, but also damage the DNA of your skin, and eventually, make you look old beyond your years.

3. Hat

A hat will not only help to protect you from the ferocity of the Australian sun, but it’ll also keep your head cool while you’re battling a 25 kilo monster of a catfish, with every ounce of energy needed to get the beast into your boat.

4. Sunglasses

Yet another way to protect yourself from the sun—sunglasses are critical for shielding your eyes from the harmful effects of UV light, which can damage your eyelids, cornea, lens, and retina. It doesn’t matter whether the sky is bright blue or overcast, your eyes are still being hit with damaging ultraviolet light, which makes sunglasses a necessary item for your fishing trip.

5. First aid kit

Fishing is a sport of sharp objects—hooks for catching, knives for gutting, and scissors for cutting lines. When you throw a little booze into the mix, it can be easy to injure yourself, and if you cut yourself badly a long way from help, a first aid kit becomes invaluable. Bandages, dressing, adhesive tape, and alcohol are the least that you’ll need to cover emergencies, but you can buy first aid kids specifically for fishing trips.

6. Extra equipment

It’s always worth packing a little extra equipment for the trip, in case something breaks or goes missing after you’ve found the perfect spot. Important extra equipment to pack includes:

  • Spare fishing line
  • Spare hooks
  • Spare floats
  • Spare lures
  • Spare beer

7. Standard safety equipment

All registered boats in Australia must carry standard safety equipment, and though it differs from state to state, this usually includes emergency beacons, flares, a fire extinguisher, a signalling device such as a torch or lantern, a lifejacket, anchor, compass, oars or paddles, and pumping equipment to remove water from the boat.

Australians are blessed with some beautiful fishing spots, but if you’re new to the fishing game, you’ll need to ensure that you have the right equipment to stay safe. With the recommendations above, you’ll be well on your way to hauling in some illustrious beasties.