5 Expert Tips to Keep in Mind Before Going Fishing

Going fishing is the highlight of any week – sometimes even the year – but going without preparing first can put a dampener on your trip. If you want to catch a new PB, then you’re going to need to prepare. Luckily, preparation is half the fun! From rigging the rods to packing the boat, preparing for your next trip is the next best thing to going fishing. And to make it even better, we have prepared a few useful tips for your next day on the water.

Before going fishing, you need to make sure your boat trailer is up to scratch

Getting the boat out is always a special occasion – after all, it’s not every day that the weather and your time off align. But as with any boating trip, it’s important to remember the unsung hero: your trailer. Your boat trailer is what will ultimately get you on and off the water. It’s also the only thing standing between your precious boat and the hard bitumen at 80km/h. So it’s well worth giving it the once over before you go. Look for things like rust, failed bearings and perished winch straps. If you see any signs of wear or damage, it might be time for a new trailer. And when it comes to new trailers, get in touch with Almac Trailers for the best boat trailers!

Going fishing in the estuary? Make sure you know your tide times!

In all the excitement of going fishing, it’s easy to forget about the tides. But the fish never do. To remain one step ahead of your aquatic adversary, you need to have a good handle on the tides. For example, if you’re fishing a sandbank at the mouth of your local estuary, the tides will dictate what species are there and when. Predators like flathead like to ambush their prey, so they will likely hang back in the deeper water on a run out tide. But as the tide comes in, they will move into the shallows looking for yabbies, worms, and even the odd whiting or two. Knowing your tides will get you in the same place as your target species – the rest is down to you!

The right bait will yield results pretty much every time

Now that your excellent knowledge of the tides has placed you and the fish in the same place, you need to entice them. That means choosing the right bait or lure. So what fish are you targeting? If you are targeting an estuarine predator like whiting, you want finer, smaller bait. Live yabbies, prawns, and worms are always a winner. If you are chasing something with a few more teeth, you have some extra options. Flathead and bream are always fun on soft plastics, and prefer the likes of worm patterns, or small fish.

The devil is in the details, so make sure you have the right rig

When you’re going fishing, every choice you make will inform your success. So give yourself the best chance and choose a good rig. For bait fishing in deep water, over heavy structure, paternoster rigs are a popular choice and don’t snag easily. For more basic estuarine fishing, a running sinker is very hard to beat.

If you’re going fishing out at sea, make sure your boat is well prepared

Finally, it’s time to think about you and your safety. Safety is especially important for boating and rock fishing, so make sure you have all the appropriate safety gear. Double check it all as well – there’s no use having safety gear if it doesn’t work. When you have secured all your safety gear, prepared all your fishing gear and chosen a spot, it’s time to go fishing!

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