5 excuses to go Camping Again Soon

Spending time in the great outdoors is rewarding, whether you prefer to camp alone, with friends or your family. If you enjoy camping but never seem to make it actually happen, we have listed some excuses that will help you get moving.

1: Camping, fishing and boating can keep you fit

Instead of spending your time relaxing in front of the television, or your fitness time indoors at the gym, go camping! Your body will be physically rewarded when you spend your recreational time hiking, putting up tents, collecting firewood, reeling in massive fish, and playing around in boats. The outdoors is the perfect place to stay healthy, and the fresh air will do you good too!

2: Your kids will benefit from being outdoors

Getting outdoors with your entire family will enable them to learn about the natural environment, including fauna and flora. You can bond with your kids by teaching them new skills, like how to light a fire or correctly anchor a boat. Outdoor activities are great for the health of your kids too, as they will spend less time on computers and mobile phones and more time with friends and family.

3: See the world before it changes

Australia is changing fast and becoming more developed. Instead of waiting until you retire, or ‘have more time’, make the time now. See the world before it changes, and get out and visit places that other people have not seen. That small, isolated beach might be a tourist hub in ten years, so get out there and appreciate it before the crowds do.

4: A holiday will increase your productivity

Many people say they cannot go on a holiday because they have too much work to do. Make the time to go camping, boating or fishing, because it will reduce your stress and make you more productive when you do return to work. Being stressed at work will only slow you down, so make the time to take a break. Your boat and tent are calling you!

5: You might catch a big fish!

You will catch more fish if you practice your art. Those that are rewarded with big fish spend a lot of time on the water. A few days of fishing every year may leave you disappointed, but if you spend more time trekking around with your camping gear and your boat, you will start to gain local knowledge and discover new fishing hotspots. That big fish is waiting, but you need to get out there and put a line in the water!

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