5 Best Fishing Spots Near Bundaberg For Summer Fishing

As the sun comes out and the water heats up, some of our winter fishing spots go a little quiet. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t great fish to be caught! Across Bundaberg, the estuarine fishing is starting to speed up. There are reports of more and more barra being caught, as well as other inshore favourites such a mangrove jack, flathead, and cod. Just offshore, there’s been talk of mackerel movement along the southern Queensland coast as well. So leave your weekends free, and take a look at these five fishing spots around Bundaberg.

The Burnett River: everyone knows it, and during summer it is one of Bundaberg’s best fishing spots

The obvious spot to start if you’re fishing Bundaberg is the mighty Burnett. It’s among the central coast’s largest rivers, and it has plenty to offer. Now that the water temperatures are getting a little more comfortable for the barra and jacks, lure fishermen have been reporting a steady increase in their numbers. There’s still a little bit of cool water around though. Our advice is to find some shallow rock bars, mud flats, and snags out in the sun. When the sun comes up a little, the tropical species love to make the most of the extra temperature.

Lake Monduran: as the water heats up around Bundaberg, so does the impoundment fishing at this spot

Just like the estuaries, reports have been coming in of good barra numbers in Monduran. The small bays and appendixes that offer plenty of weed and timber are known hotspots for very large barra at this time of year. We recommend packing up the tinny, getting a good quality trailer, and hauling your gear up there for a weekend. It may take a solid day or two of flicking, but one of those metre-long kegs is a worthy reward! Remember, even with the heat impoundment barra are a little less aggressive than their estuarine counterparts. You’ll need a good array of lures, and some extra patience to tangle with them!

Splitters Creek is another great Bundaberg fishing spot, and it’s just off the Burnett River

If the main river is doing you no favours, it might be worth detouring from the Burnett into Splitters Creek. Splitters is a known haunt for bruising jacks, cod, and the odd salmon and barra. It’s often rewarding to those who spend some time there with soft plastics or live bait. Finding a nice hole adjacent to some structure and fishing it on a run out tide is a great way to explore Splitters.

Head offshore from Burnett Heads and find some summer spots for Bundaberg mackerel

If the estuaries aren’t really speaking to you at the moment, why not pack up the big boat and head a little further afield? Summer brings some nice warm currents down the central and southern coasts of Queensland. On these currents, you’re normally a good chance of finding solid mackerel, tuna, and trevally. Finding them is easiest by trolling, but there are plenty of casting and baiting methods you can use as well. All you need is a good GPS/sounder, and you can make Burnett Heads one of your prime Bundaberg fishing spots.

Mon Repos rocks: enjoy one of Bundaberg’s premier rock fishing spots – but take care!

Rock fishing is one of the most rewarding and challenging sports there is. But it’s also one of the most dangerous. Land-based fishermen often run afoul of the rocks, and that makes it a bit of a hazardous choice. That’s why we recommend getting out to Mon Repos rocks by boat! It’s a safe way to get among some of the best rock fishing spots in Bundaberg. Off the rocks, you can get anything from mackerel to tuna!

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